Welcome to the Bullseye Foundation, a new initiative to create a global, independent open approach to the evaluation of ICT products and services

The Bullseye open research framework is an independent multi-dimensional model for the comparative analysis of IT products. It provides end users with greater depth, more dimensions, is readily configurable and visually simple to assimilate and use.

Bullseye measures both the technology and business to provide a set of weighted attribute scores that enables buyers to make a better decision.

Why is it needed?

Assessing products on an equal and objective basis has become increasingly difficult and IT buyers have huge problems comparing products to reach their ideal solution.

Bullseye helps vendor CTOs better understand what they need to build, vendor marketers more clearly position their products and end users short list the products and services that could most effectively fulfil their specific needs.

What is it?

Bullseye is a 21st Century approach to the challenge of evaluating IT. It has been created based on the philosophy and successful approach of the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) and Linux community to provide an independent, open, constantly evolving, cohesive and multi-dimensional approach to the comparative analysis of IT products and services.

The Bullseye Foundation controls, publishes and maintains the research methodology. The steering committee is made up of end users, vendors, analysts, integrators and third party experts.

Below the main steering group are individual committees who each own a single technology domain. These domains are the highest level at which it is considered reasonable to group products. The committees apply the overall methodology to build the schemas that are the cornerstone of the evaluation process.

The Bullseye methodology is published and available to any organisation that wishes to use it and is based on a centrally managed set of data containing all the scores achieved in a product evaluation, both current and historical. Scores are allocated on an objective basis by trained practitioners to ensure consistency and reliability.

Bullseye can be dynamically configured to show whichever attributes the user values. Its widespread adoption means it will become the de-facto method of impartial product evaluation and comparison.

Any Questions?

If you would like to know more, please contact us: info@bullseyefoundation.org